Entrepreneur offers a new take on a classic business accessory.
Alumnus earns patent for briefcase design that features removable sides.
Tampa Man Awarded U.S. Patent Aims to Change the Briefcase Forever.


Easy Side Panel Access

Simple drop-down side panel access!Watch the Video Here!L


Interchangeable Two-sided Panels.

Easy to remove panels for fashionable people on the go! Watch the Video Here!


Quick Fashion Change at Your Fingertips!

The first ever patented briefcase with interchangeable panels featuring different colors and materials. Watch the Video Here!

Not Your Dad’s Briefcase!

My wife bought me my first briefcase and it was one of my prize possessions; however, it was expensive and only came in one color. What do I do if I wear black shoes and a black belt? I can’t afford another briefcase like this! There must be an affordable solution to this fashion faux pas?

There is now! Introducing the first patented briefcase with interchangeable panels.Watch the Video Here!

Workspace desk and desktop computer with copy space for product display montage.

Contact Me!

We just received our patent and are currently developing our prototypes. If you would like to be contacted to place an order, please contact me directly!